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Important events in my life that led me to Yoga.
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The following are the years in my life and the happenings:
20….I married

22….Stephen born

24….Suzanne born

32….Hypoglycemia diagnosed

36….After Hysterectomy Surgery, I awakened with daily migraines…began seeking remedies

38….Started going to exercises classes and walking

40….I divorced

41-42….Jogged daily

44….I earned my undergraduate degree at Emporia State University.

46….I received my Masters in Counseling from Emporia State University.

48-50….I taught at ESU, Health for Human Wholeness and Death and Dying. The latter became a favorite on campus.

56….I started substituting in the area Schools K-12th grades and I’ve continued doing it when I am available.

59….A friend asked me to go to my first Yoga class with her. It was Iyengar Yoga and we used props. I fell in love with Yoga!!

59….On Jan. 1, 2000 I made a New Years Resolution to do at least 1 Yoga pose everyday and it is the only New Years Resolution I have kept.

59….I weighed 162, after a Dr. Pepper addiction. This is the most I have ever weighed. I lost 10 lbs. after stopping Dr. Pepper.

60….Stephen, age 38 1/2 was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins cancer in his shoulder tumors and neck and I went to Payson, Az. to help him for “a little while” and stayed until he died 12 1/2 months later. While I was with Stephen, I attended a Vinyasa Yoga class 3 times a week and loved it. It was peaceful because her voice was on a tape with music and we did the same tape each week. After learning the poses, we shut our eyes and flowed peacefully through each pose. I loved all the stretching and becoming more and more limber and supple.

60….When I went to Az. I weighed 152 and I lost 22 lbs. while I was there. I came back to Kansas weighing 130. In Az. I walked daily, took a vigorous sitting exercise class and did Yoga 3 times a week.

61….I gave up sugar after finding fungus in my blood after eating sugar and getting a bad headache. At age 64 on 4/20/2004, I started Eating Right 4 My Blood Type and I have followed this faithfully for almost 5 years. I am blood type A and I feel better by eating this way. It took me 198 days to lose the last 10 lbs. to take me down to what I weighed when I graduated from High School….which was 118 lbs.

63….I became a Yoga Certified Instructor at the Yoga Institute in Houston, Tx. I started teaching Yoga at the Emporia Recreation Center in September, 2003. The ages range from 4 to 88 years. They are wonderful and we have “Yoga Family” that is faithful in deciding to take excellent Yoga-care of their bodies.

64….I was asked to teach at 3 Grade Schools in the After-School-Quest Program. We have fun and do the animal sounds and the children are precious!! They are a delight and have named me YogaMama, YogaGirl, YogaLady, YogaQueen, YogaAngel, and Yogamaster.

66….I was asked to teach 2 Yoga classes at Emporia State University. Each class has 40 to 50 students, and they are fabulous individuals.

63-65….I am teaching 10 Yoga classes a week and love it. If I substitute in the Public Schools on Friday, then I share Yoga with the students and they love it and so do I!!

66….I am the Director of the Ancient Yoga Institute and I certify people to become Certified Instructors of Ancient Yoga.

68….I made the Yoga DVD with the 15 Children and we had fun making the animal sounds. I also filmed the One Hour Yoga Class Session.

72….I have been practicing Yoga 15 years, and teaching for Ancient Yoga for 11 years.


My credentials:
Patty Jo Thompson
Age 75

Masters in Community Counseling
Certified by The Yoga Institute in Houston

Yoga Instructor at Emporia State University,
Emporia Recreation Center, and
Quest program at 3 Grade Schools.
Director of the Ancient Yoga Institute
Private Yoga sessions
Substituting K-12 in the Public Schools
My Ancient Yoga DVD is available
on the “Products Page.”

Suzanne, age 50

Angel collector
Bible Study
Growing Stepping-Out iris
Doing Yoga postures daily since 1-1-2000

Health and Fitness
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